4 ways debt can ruin your life

For many Americans, debt is something they have lived with since they can remember. Their parents owed money on the home they lived in. They took out student loans to attend college. They are indebted to dealerships for their cars and banks for their homes. Most people have their debt under control, but you’d be amazed by how quickly it can get out of hand. In the space of weeks, your debt can go from being a normal part of life to an overwhelming financial burden.
Here are a few ways debt can ruin your life if you’re not careful:

  • You won’t be able to buy the things you need. This goes well beyond just doing the weekly grocery shopping or furnishing your home. You won’t be able to buy or lease a nice car because your credit score is terrible. You may not be able to save up enough to put a down payment on a house because every spare penny is going into repaying your loans.
  • Your career can be affected negatively. Did you know that your professional license can be taken away if you don’t repay student loans? If you default on student loans, you may end up losing the license you’ve worked so hard for. But the effects don’t stop there! If you are suffering under the crushing burden of debt, you may be forced to take whatever jobs you can get just to make ends meet. You may not be able to quit a terrible job because you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, and you certainly won’t be able to branch out and try to achieve your dreams. Your debt will trap you in your career.
  • You may never be free of the financial burden. There is only one way to make debt disappear: pay the money you owe. If for any number of reasons(health reasons, financial difficulties, etc.), you are unable to make payments, the debt will only grow. It will continue to grow with every passing month and year until it reaches an astronomical amount that will follow you for the rest of your life.
  • Your income won’t go as far. Did you know that the federal government is legally allowed to withhold 15% of your income in order to repay student loans? Your income tax refund can also be seized in payment of your debts if you have defaulted on your loans. All of the hard hours of work you put in won’t go as far because a significant chunk of your income is going to pay off your debt.

As you can see, debt is no joke! It’s in your best interest to avoid it at all costs or find a way to get out from under the burden of debt as soon as possible.

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