Best credit card processing for credit repair in Los Angeles.

Secure a merchant account for your credit repair business and avoid freezes, holds, and shutdowns. 

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Our merchant services are tailored to credit repair companies, offering secure and compliant payment processing solutions for this specialized industry.

Leading credit card processing for credit repair companies in Los Angeles.

Account Stability

From your initial approval to ongoing risk management, we offer you account stability. 

ACH Processing

Add ACH processing to your payment capabilities and expand your credit repair efforts. 

Why are credit repair companies considered high risk?

Credit repair businesses are often classified as high risk due to regulatory scrutiny and the potential for disputes. These companies frequently deal with credit disputes, chargebacks, and legal challenges related to credit reporting. The industry’s history of fraudulent practices also contributes to this classification. To navigate these complexities, credit repair businesses require specialized payment processing solutions and compliance expertise. 

Credit repair merchants and chargebacks.

Credit repair merchants often face a higher rate of chargebacks due to the nature of their services and the potential for customer disputes. Customers may request chargebacks if they are dissatisfied with the results or believe they were misled. Managing and mitigating chargebacks is crucial for credit repair merchants to maintain financial stability and a positive reputation. Specialized payment processing solutions can help address these challenges effectively. 

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Integrate with your existing software or get started with our tools. 

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Enjoy low fees and 24/7 customer support with a real person. 

Leading credit card processing for credit repair companies.

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