Best vape and eCigarette merchant services in Los Angeles.

Secure a high-risk payment processing account for your vape and eCigarette store. Whether online or in-person, sell to your customers reliably and securely. 

Merchant Credit Card Processing Services
Merchant Services in Los Angeles

We specialize in providing high-risk merchant accounts for vape and eCigarette businesses, offering solutions specifically for your industry.

Leading credit card processing for vape and eCigarette shops in Los Angeles.

eCommerce Integrations

Seamless eCommerce integrations with the top online shopping platforms. 

Chargeback Management

Safeguard your transactions with our chargeback management system for online sales. 

Reliable payment processing for vape shops.

As a reliable vape payment processor, we provide hassle-free solutions for obtaining a vape and e-cigarette merchant account. We understand the unique challenges in the industry and offer swift, transparent onboarding, ensuring your business can accept payments seamlessly. With our experience and tailored solutions, you can trust us to handle your transactions with care, offering peace of mind and financial stability. 

We meet your hardware and software needs.

We are committed to meeting your hardware and software needs. Whether you require EMV terminals for secure in-store payments or an omni channel POS system for in-store and online transactions, our solutions are designed to cover it all. Our versatile offerings empower your business to accept payments efficiently, giving you the flexibility and tools needed to succeed in today’s dynamic market. 

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Apply for an account and get approved in as little as 24 hours. 

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Integrate with your existing store or get started with our tools. 

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Enjoy low fees and 24/7 customer support with a real person. 

Leading credit card processing for vape shops in Los Angeles.

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