Best firearms and ammo credit card processing in Los Angeles.

We offer high-risk expertise and industry-low rates for FFLs and all types of firearms businesses. 

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We specialize in providing high-risk merchant accounts for gun retailers, ammunition retailers, shooting ranges, firearms training services, manufacturers and retailers of accessories, and pawn shops.

Leading credit card processing for guns and ammo in Los Angeles.

High-risk Processor

Specialized payment solutions for FFLs and firearms businesses. 

Chargeback Prevention

Minimize disputes and protect your business with our robust tools. 

Why are guns and ammo businesses considered high risk?

Firearms and ammunition businesses are often classified as high risk due to the controversial nature of their products and the potential for misuse. This industry faces stringent regulations and compliance requirements, which can lead to legal and financial challenges. Additionally, the sale of firearms and ammunition can pose a higher risk of chargebacks and disputes, further contributing to their high-risk classification. Specialized payment processing is essential for these businesses to navigate these complexities. 

Integration with your eCommerce software.

Our seamless integration with eCommerce software, including platforms like GunBroker, ensures a simple and secure online merchant experience for firearms and ammunition businesses. This connection streamlines the payment processing and transaction management, allowing customers to shop efficiently and securely. By integrating with eCommerce software, we enhance the overall customer experience and provide peace of mind in a regulated industry. 

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Enjoy low fees and 24/7 customer support with a real person. 

Leading payment processor for FFLs and firearms businesses.

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