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EMV Liability Shift

Businesses that do not accept EMV chip cards will be held responsible for any fraudulent transactions.


Enhanced Fraud Protection

Chip technology is the global standard fraud protection. EMV-enabled cards are proven to reduce fraud.


Smart Security

Whenever you check out at a chip-enabled terminal, a unique one-time code is created that is required for your transaction to be approved.


Customer Convenience

Accept different forms of payment such as chip cards, contactless and mobile.


What do the chips do? Simply put, they increase security!

Paying with a EMV chip card is more secure than paying using an older card with only a magnetic stripe. The payment data is more secure when stored on an EMV card, and there are multiple methods of authentication with the EMV chip. It’s harder for data skimming devices to access the information on EMV cards, thereby eliminating one of the most common methods of data and identity theft!


All this translates into one simple fact: it’s time for your business to upgrade to an EMV chip card reader!

Dynamic Merchant Solutions is proud to offer you a top-of-the-line EMV chip card processing device, and we can help you integrate the new device into your payment processing system. It will be quick and easy, and you’ll be able to keep processing credit card payments without interruption. The only difference: your business will be able to access the EMV cards for more secure payments, and the risk of credit card fraud or identity theft will be MUCH lower! This translates into better security for your company, and happier customers in the long run.


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