Mobile Wallets: Apple Pay vs. Google Pay vs. Samsung Pay

There are a number of business payment processing options available today, and finding the right one for your company is very important. The more forms of payment you take, though, the easier it will be for your business to bring in and keep customers. In today’s technological age, it’s important to consider accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, to give customers the widest range of options. Here’s what you need to know about these three payment options.

Apple Pay

This is designed for people who have iPhones. They link their credit cards to Apple Wallet, and can then use that feature to pay through apps and at merchants who accept this kind of pay option. As a merchant, you will never sees their actual credit card number, which reduces their risk of having that number stolen through hacking. The features of Apple Pay can be used in stores or online.

Google Pay

Saving payment information in a Google account lets customers use it at any place that accepts Google Pay (GPay). This service used to be called Android Pay, and people can pay in stores, online, across all Google products, and even send money to their friends. Debit, credit, and gift cards can all be added as payment sources, and merchants won’t see or have access to the actual card number.

Samsung Pay

This option is much more limited than the others, but there are still more than 1,000 merchants that use it. You could be one of the first in your area to offer this service, which is compatible with many different Samsung devices. As the demand for the service continues to grow, more of your customers may want to use their Samsung device to pay for purchases at your location.

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