Cutting corners-aren’t we all always in search of a way to save money even when spending it?

We, especially the business people among us whose work involves travel or who are indulged regularly in foreign transactions, are always under this guilt of spending more money than it’s worth. While spending is a whole other story of guilt which might never find its end, we suggest finding peace and saving a little wherever you can. Dynamic Merchant Solutions is the answer to how you can enjoy treating yourself without feeling an inch of guilt.

A foreign transaction fee is the fee charged by credit card companies whenever you purchase or spend on service abroad or en route. It not only is charged on direct use of the credit card, but also on withdrawals from an ATM. A foreign transaction fee is also charged when you shop online from stores that are in other countries and use a different currency than you.

Here are five top credit card companies which in our opinion are a godsend and can prove to be the real deal in the world of foreign transactions:

Even the MONEY magazine agrees that this card is the best premium travel card to get their hands on. This card is full of benefits and redemptions. Business people who are in favor of traveling can enjoy a comfortable yet upgraded purchase on their trips. The annual fee of $550 might sound intimidating but is worth paying for than wasting money by paying three percent on every purchase.

With a minimal fee starting from $0 (yes, you heard it right), this credit card offers a straightforward approach for redeeming your earning and perks. In simple words, it pays two miles for every dollar you spend, as simple as that. This one is suggested for frequent traveling business people.

Just picture surprising your milady with a fancy night in the best of International Hotels, Marriott. Feels glorious, right? That’s exactly how this card promises to make you feel. By availing this brand, Marriott International Hotel will directly treat you like with the Silver Elite Status and points on purchases made by you at the Marriott Bonvoy. With just a fee of $95 per year, this one sure comes with a whole package of elatedness and luxury.

The Platinum American Express Card comes with basic yet rewarding benefits. Access to airport lounges, travel concierge, partnerships with Hilton, baggage reimbursements, in-flight refreshments, etc. is just some of the services and benefits this card promises. The annual fee of $550 is undoubtedly worth it.

It comes with of course, no foreign transaction fee and straightforward benefits, including at gas stations, restaurants, and even entertainment on your overseas trips. This credit card has a pretty basic point rewarding system. You earn three points on travel purchasing, two on restaurants and other forms of entertainment, and one on miscellaneous purchases. Furthermore, it also has a standard fee of $95 per year.

No person wants to deal with cash, and a credit card has become a necessity, especially for business people. But unfortunately, almost every credit card charges an extra of 3% foreign transaction fee whenever you use it abroad or make an international online purchase. While three percent sounds minimal, this can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars. We at Dynamic Merchant Solutions suggest to spend smartly not confidently.

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