The Wait is Over! DMS is proud to Announce the 1stPayPos Pro!

What is It?

1stPayPos is more than just a point of sale system — it’s changing the way you run your business. From processing payments to controlling the whole workflow of your business, it can help you boost sales and increase productivity. This is a technologically-advanced cloud-based system, used to assist with day-to-day operations and increase workflow. In addition, the features included are exceptional. This technology will allow you to accept most payment types through this system, and payments are made quickly and effectively. No more waiting around for payments to be made, or for the system to stop loading. This amazing technology will process payments in a flash.

Inventory Benefits

Looking to manage inventory? 1stPayPos has your solution! With this cutting-edge inventory management system, handing your inventory is a breeze! You can easily customize your menu items and inventory, and you can also create bundles quickly. And if you’re concerned about pricing, this system allows you to easily set your prices and change them whenever you please. No more jumping through hoops and spending hours dealing with inventory issues. 1stPayPos will help you cut down these times so you can focus on what matters most.

Staff Management

Does your current POS system make it difficult to manage employee hours and scheduling? Then 1stPayPos is your solution! This amazing system allows you to easily track employee hours, workflow, and scheduling. These tools provide easy access to a dashboard where you can track everything about your employees. Say goodbye to confusing systems that display the wrong information. With 1stPayPos, you can easily track whos working, when their working, and everything involved with employee management.

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From reporting to employee management, 1stPayPos is here for all of your business needs! And if you’re looking for a company to help you with your credit card processing, Dynamic Merchant Solutions is the company for you. Combine our services with the cutting-edge technology of 1stPayPos and you can take your business to the next level. We offer fast and reliable credit card processing solutions, which can grow your business and increase revenue. Check us out online for more information!

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